Avi Vaknin was born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1978. He is the visionary founder behind such storied brands such as Telx Computers, Telx Web, and HomeEscape. Telx Technologies revolutionary services, which include managed services such as cloud computing, and real-time server monitoring, are now seen as dictating the evolution of modern technology.

For instance, his company, 3EX Hosting, has helped streamline business efficiency by providing cloud computing access to thousands of users in both North America and Europe. By managing a company’s infrastructure, businesses can rest assured knowing that their data is safe while they focus on maximizing productivity.

Telx Computers, Avi’s flagship company, has become one of the top 5 IT (as rated by PC Magazine) in just six years. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the quality of service and level of customer engagement that Avi maintains throughout all of his companies.

Avi’s portfolio of companies comprehensively address all IT needs; from managing cloud infrastructure of global companies, to creating successful marketing campaigns for small businesses. His expertise is highly regarded and is sought world-over by successful companies.

Avi is a technology visionary. Beyond his skill in developing cloud infrastructure and enterprise networks, Avi has been instrumental in disrupting the online vacation rental industry. His talent for spotting trends before they arrive has placed his new site,, at the forefront of an evolving ecommerce world.

Avi seeks not only to turn the online vacation rental industry on its head, he also seeks to provide a pro-user platform that is free for use. With such a huge demand for vacation rentals, his well-timed project is poised for huge growth. Companies come and go, but only true leaders remain. Avi’s brilliance, passion and energy are the sources of countless innovations that improve the lives of all that use his products.


We believe that listing your home should be 100% free. We are the fastest growing vacation rental site, bringing homeowners and travelers together, with no strings attached.


Your one stop shop! At Telx Technologies we offer multiple solutions for mutiple problems. One stop here, and you can fix all your problems at the same time.


Elevating IT Everyday is our never ending mission. We also offer computer repair and IT support service in New York, and Miami.


The primary choise for small & medium sized enterprise customers in our chosen markets for managed services and IP based Telephony solution


Our hosting servers are based on the fast and reliable Linux, Unix and Windows operating systems. It is monitored 24/7 for any unusual activity.


Top web development and ecommerce based company. Providing quality solutions to our customers most common problems and mistakes.


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